Deer's Eye Studio, artist Eric Gonzalez and Chuey Quintanar

Company Mission statement

INK-EEZE is a Tattoo product lifestyle brand. We are inspired through developing products specifically for the tattoo industry by collaborating with tattoo artists, collectors and skin care professionals. Since day one, we have tirelessly worked to foster a culture of quality at an affordable price.

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"INK-EEZE has always been a God sent for me. It legitimately saved not only the tattooers from an involuntary ass whoppin, but pretty much my entire lifestyle. Wouldn't be able to be me without it"
Leigha Hagan Los Angeles

“Inkeeze allows me to work with the skin longer as it keeps the skin calm and let's the ink flow smoothly across the skin. I couldn't tattoo the way i do without this amazing product.”
Cheuy Art Los Angeles

INK-EEZE is the premier tattoo lifestyle brand that aims to numb, heal, and protect with a variety of tattoo care products.

PAIN RELIEF: INK-EEZE offers two formats of numbing products: a numbing cream and a numbing spray. The numbing cream is used to assist in pain relief by numbing the skin prior to pain occuring, while the numbing spray is used for pain relief for after the pain has been felt.

TATTOO AFTERCARE: INK-EEZE has three tattoo aftercare ointment and lotion products for tattoo healing and tattoo protection. The tattoo ointment is a vitamin a, c, d and e ointment with lavender, licorice, great tea and pomegranate extract, to help soothe and create a moisture barrier. The second is a cream-based tattoo aftercare that includes vitamins a, c, and e, soybean, sunflower, oat, licorice, cucumber, green tea, cucumber, cranberry, sweet almond and pomegranate extract to be absorbed by the skin to moisturize. The third tattoo aftercare product is a healing spray made up of non-petrolatum base including vitamins a, c, and e, soybean, sunflower, oat, cucumber, green tea, cranberry, sweet almond and pomegranate extract to be applied by spray without having to rub it in to create tattoo pain relief to its fullest. This is also a great tattoo enhancer for showing off your tattoos.

TATTOO FADING CARE: The INK-EEZE tattoo moisturizer is a tattoo aftercare product specifically formulated to keep your tattoo protected, reduce tattoo fading and to keep your tattoo looking good on an ongoing basis. To protect from tattoo fading, INK-EEZE has a specifically formulated UVA, UVB broad spectrum tattoo sunscreen with ink-barrier technology to help moisturize and shield the tattoo from the tattoo fading effects of tattoo sun exposure without leaving a white or grey film that does not properly show your tattoos detail and true ink.

For maximum pain relief, tattoo aftercare and tattoo care INK-EEZE has you covered literally and figuratively with all of their products.