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5th Avenue Studio Utah USA www.5-ave.com
Anchor and Iron Social Club Georgia USA www.anchorandiron.com
Bishop Tattoo Supply West Coast USA www.bishoprotary.com
Cam Tattoo USA / Canada www.camtattoo.com
Eikon Device Inc. Canada


Eternal Tattoo Supply Mid West USA www.eternaltattoosupply.com
Element Tattoo Supply West Coast USA www.elementtattoosupply.com
Galaxy Tattoo 2 Malaysia / Indonesia / Thailand / Philippines /
Hong Kong / Taiwan / China
Ink Ammunition Australia www.inkammunition.com.au
Iran Ink Iran Instagram.com/sickboytattoosupply
Joker Tattoo Supply West Coast USA


Killer Ink Tattoo Supply UK Based - Pan European Distribution www.killerinktattoo.co.uk
Lighthouse Tattoo Supply West Coast USA www.lighthousetattoosupply.com
Monicash Tattoo Supply West Coast USA www.monicashtattoosupply.com
MRT Tattoo Supply Iran www.mrttattoosupply.com
Needle Jig East Coast USA www.needlejig.com
Needle Supply Company AZ needlesupply.com
Nordic Tattoo Supplies Finland www.nordictattoosupplies.com
Nuclear Tattoo Supply/Travel Van West Coast USA www.nucleartattoo.com
Painful Pleasures USA www.www.painfulpleasures.com
Premier Products Germany www.premier-products.org
Primal Attitude Canada www.primalattitude.com
Protat Tattoo Supply Australia www.protatsupplies.com.au
Reyes Tattoo Supply Jalisco MX www.reyestattooshop.com
Salt Water Tattoo Supply West Coast USA saltwatertattoosupply.com
Stixis Tattoo Supplies Cyprus & Greece stixis-tattoosupplies.com
Sullen Clothing USA www.sullenclothing.com
Sullen Switzerland Switzerland www.sullen.ch
Tommy Tattoo Supply East Coast USA www.tommyssupplies.com