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All products usually ship in between 2-3 business days. Our warehouse closes at 5pm Mountain Standard time - please take note of this to plan your orders accordingly. Additionally, our warehouse is closed on the weekends, so orders placed after business hours on Friday through Sunday should ship Monday or Tuesday. You will receive an email with tracking when your order ships. 


Once an order has shipped, all shipping charges are no longer able to be refunded.


Expedited shipping will occur after the order is processed. We do our best to get your order out as quickly as possible. All orders with a faster delivery option chosen are NOT guaranteed to ship that same day.


We currently DO NOT support shipments to PO Boxes.

International customers may be charged additional import taxes:

Custom fees for the items are levied by local governments - laws from nation to nation vary. Unfortunately, import taxes are something that INKEEZE cannot pay for as they are not a set amount, are charged by the local government for receipt of the item, and are the responsibility of the importer.


Shipments to military post offices (i.e. APO or FPO) can only be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service.Please note, that when you checkout, you must place the APO or the FPO part of the address in the 'city' field. In the state field, if your address is 'AP,' then choose 'Armed Forces Pacific' from the pull down list of choices. If your address is 'AE,' (stands for 'Armed Forces Other Area') you will want to choose the appropriate location of your service member from the pull-down menu. The postal code / zip code is the zip code you have (if it begins with a '9' it goes out via the military post office in San Francisco, if it begins with a '0' then it goes out via the military post office in New York).If at any time you get an error message, check to see that you have the zip code in the correct zip code field, and that the 'city' field has the correct APO or FPO information.

Shipping to Prisons, Jails, and Other Types of Correctional Institutions:

Inkeeze cannot ship to any prisons, jails, and other types of correctional institutions. If you do choose to ship to one of these locations, and it is not spotted by our shipping department and stopped, and your package is rejected by the prison, we cannot provide a refund.

YES. We use one of the leading companies that certifies websites as secure. You can see the site is secure by the small lock icon next to the URL address in your web browser.

We use the leading credit card processing company, Authorize.net. We require address verification (AVS), but when the address entered on the order does not exactly match the billing address on the card, the charge is rejected by Authorize.net. Unfortunately, it is temporarily accepted by the credit card company, and it takes 1-4 days for the charge to be removed from the credit card by the issuing credit card company. This includes multiple attempts to charge the card, where each is rejected, and each attempt is temporarily logged by the credit card company as a legitimate charge (for 1-4 days). Unfortunately, this is a general problem with automated online credit card transactions with every processing company, and the only way to clear the charges on the customer's card is for Inkeeze to manually notify the credit card company that the charges were rejected and then they can be cleared immediately. We are hoping that the banking technology soon finds a way to rectify this occasional problem.

Inkeeze is committed to our customers’ satisfaction. We will make every effort to provide quality products. Products found to be defective will be replaced, and shipping costs will be reimbursed promptly. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more details.

Just the internet. But, we do sell to many tattoo shops. If you'd like to have it available at your favorite local tattoo shop, please have them contact us about carrying the Inkeeze brand!

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