Hemp Tattoo Aftercare

Hemp Tattoo Aftercare

Inkeeze Hemp Tattoo Ointment

Tattoo aftercare products have gone through somewhat of a renaissance in recent years- and our team at Inkeeze is proud to have been a part of this movement. We’re especially of our Hemp tattoo aftercare product.

Our hemp tattoo ointment is one of Inkeeze bestselling products by a mile, you’ve most likely seen it in a local tattoo studio. Our team of tattoo professionals designed this for other passionate tattoo professionals. This product is something that any budding artist or tattoo fan should try.

Let’s take a look at what hemp actually is and why tattoo ointments are so essential. We’ll also clear up any misconceptions surrounding hemp and CBD in tattooing. Then, we’ll examine the specific benefits that artists can find from working with an item like this.

Why is hemp so popular in tattooing right now?

Hemp and CBD have become _incredibly _popular as of late. No matter what industry it is that you’re looking at, you’re sure to see products with these ingredients in. There are CBD dog treats, hemp-infused makeup palettes, and even CBD-infused toothpicks. The tattoo world has caught up with this important trend in recent months.

If you’re not familiar with hemp, it is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant. It is fast growing in popularity and has a number of uses, as noted already. Hemp has a much lower percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in it than standard cannabis, meaning that it is not psychoactive. In fact, some hemp items contain no CBD (cannabidiol) at all.

Hemp has a number of benefits that stretch to the tattooing world. Hemp is said to be able to help with pain mitigation and management- which is what makes it so perfect in a tattoo ointment. This handy compound can also help to reduce inflammation, lessen muscle soreness and even aid with tattoo healing.

What exactly is tattoo ointment?

If you’ve never considered using a tattoo ointment before, it could be worth your time to look into getting one. If you’re an artist, tattoo ointments make the tattooing process even smoother. They work as a great lubricant and protective layer during a tattoo.

If you’re a client, tattoo ointment can make a very reliable aftercare solution, which is great. Often, tattoo ointments contain plenty of natural, soothing and nourishing ingredients. For maximum effect, make sure to use tattoo ointment regularly in thin, even layers.

Generally speaking, tattoo ointments have plenty of uses. They’re incredibly versatile and can help to make a tattoo last a long time. It’s certainly worth investing in a tub of a good tattoo ointment if you’re involved with tattoos at all.

What is Inkeeze hemp tattoo ointment made of?

As we’ve mentioned already, tattoo ointments are exceptionally useful, and hemp tattoo aftercare products can be wonderfully helpful, too. These are two things that we kept in mind while creating our Inkeeze hemp tattoo ointment. If you’re on the hunt for the best tattoo ointment in 2020, we’re sure you’re going to love it.

Our hemp tattoo ointment is made from a number of incredible ingredients, including shea butter and candelilla wax. It’s got grape seed and geranium essential oils in it, along with chlorophyll. Most importantly, our hemp tattoo aftercare ointment features 100mg of hemp, sourced from cannabidiol.

Why does Inkeeze hemp tattoo ointment keep selling out?

Out of all the products that we currently stock, Inkeeze hemp tattoo ointment has certainly been one of the most eagerly anticipated. It’s been selling out repeatedly, our customers are loving it. This is a product that took a lot of time and effort to craft, so seeing positive responses to this hemp tattoo aftercare item has been great.

One of the main reasons why this hemp tattoo aftercare product keeps selling out is that hemp and CBD have been rising steadily in popularity in the tattoo industry. There are more and more artists around the world who have been seeing the benefits of working with these compounds, and our product has helped pioneer the space.

After all, why wouldn’t an artist choose a hemp tattoo aftercare item? Not only does hemp offer up the pain relief and management benefits that we’ve already noted, it can also help with the healing process. It’s a strong antioxidant, and can help to coax the skin along the healing process smoothly.

Another reason why this hemp tattoo balm has been selling out is that it’s made from some beautifully natural ingredients. As many of you reading this will already know, natural ingredients are something to keep an eye out for with professional tattoo aftercare.

Finally, we couldn’t write up this article without acknowledging our wonderful distributors and ambassadors, of course. One of the main reasons why products like our hemp tattoo ointment have been doing so well in the industry lately is the hard work and passion that our team and peers pour into their work.

To sum up

Overall, if you’re an artist who’s looking to improve your tattooing process, you’re bound to find some great results from working with this tattoo ointment. Additionally, if you’re on the hunt for a new, hemp tattoo aftercare product to add to your daily routine, this could be the perfect purchase for you.

All in all, we’re immensely proud of this product- and we think you’re going to love it. Hemp tattoo aftercare and ointments have been taking the industry by storm, and they’re a worthwhile investment to make.