5 reasons why you need professional tattoo aftercare

5 reasons why you need professional tattoo aftercare

Professional tattoo aftercare is something that is often overlooked by many people who are getting tattoos for the first time. However, it’s essential to make sure that you’ve got proper aftercare products and a great routine when trying to heal a tattoo, in order to get the best results in the long run.

Here at INKEEZE, we’re dedicated to helping people use the best tattoo aftercare products on the market. The healing process is incredibly important to pay attention to as a tattoo client, and we have plenty of industry-leading, tattoo products on the market right now.

In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the topic of professional tattoo aftercare in more depth, looking at the 5 main reasons why having great products and a solid aftercare routine is essential for a great healing process.

Professional tattoo aftercare ensures a smooth healing process

One of the most essential reasons to use professional tattoo aftercare products is that they can help to ensure a smooth healing process. As many of you reading this will already know, the healing process is one of the most important parts of getting tattooed. Ignoring the healing process is a sure fire way to end up with a bad tattoo.

In particular, items like tattoo aftercare cream and tattoo ointment can be wonderful for keeping a tattoo in good condition during the healing process. Tattoo aftercare creams help to keep tattoos moisturized and nourished without running the risk of over saturating the skin and damaging the artwork.

If you’re unsure about what professional tattoo aftercare products would work best for you, make sure to consult your artist. More often than not, tattoo artists will have their own favorite brands, and they’ll be able to make a good recommendation based on the particular piece that they’ve created. Don’t be surprised if they recommend Ink-eeze ☺

Caring for your art helps to keep it looking good permanently

Using great tattoo aftercare products is a great way to keep a tattoo looking good in the long run. After all, tattoos are long-term investments, and it’s important to think about how it’s going to look 10 years from now. Spending time looking into professional tattoo aftercare can be a great way to save time and money overall.

To be more specific, we’d recommend looking for a great tattoo sunscreen to help keep your tattoo in tip-top condition. The item that we have that’s been selling out in this category is our tattoo sunscreen spray.

Working with proper products helps to prevent bad reactions

Professional tattoo aftercare products have been specifically designed to suit tattooed skin, and they’ve often been designed by people who are heavily tattooed themselves. Proper tattoo aftercare works wonders, and it can help to reduce the chance of bad reactions or painful irritations.

On the flip side, products like moisturizers or sunscreen that were not designed with tattoos in mind can sometimes lead to bad reactions. Some products like these will contain scents or colorings- these may smell or look nice, but they can embed into the tattoo and cause infections or reactions.

It’s important to make sure that you buy your aftercare products from an experienced, trustworthy retailer. There are plenty of non-tattoo brands that offer up tattoo aftercare products, but we’d personally recommend looking into a brand that involves people who have worked with tattoos before.

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Proper aftercare products can reduce pain or itching

One of the latest and greatest things in the world of professional tattoo aftercare is the introduction of CBD and hemp products. If you’re looking for an item that has shown positive signs of helping to reduce pain and irritation during the healing process, we’d recommend trying one of our hemp tattoo ointments!

A good example of this is our Hemp Tattoo Ointment. We spend a lot of time crafting this product, and we had customer comfort in mind when creating it. It’s perfect for tattoo artists who want to reduce pain during the tattoo process, and it’s brilliant as a professional tattoo aftercare product, too.

Of course, if you are experiencing an unbearable amount of pain or itching during your tattoo healing process, do make sure to contact your artist. Even if it ends up being something small or nothing at all, it’s always worth checking with your artist to make sure that everything is going okay.

Untrustworthy products can have harmful ingredients

Finally, it’s important to note that shopping with a trusted, professional tattoo aftercare brand is a good way to avoid any harmful ingredients or unlicensed products. Professional, licensed brands will have tested and ensured the quality of their products, and they will be safe to use.

Shopping with an untrustworthy, non-tattoo brand is never a good idea for tattoo aftercare- even if they’re offering a good deal. Brands who do not have experience working with tattoo aftercare products can sometimes use items that can hinder the healing process, and it’s worth avoiding this whenever possible.

To sum up

All in all, it’s essential to make sure that you have a great tattoo aftercare routine and professional tattoo aftercare products at your disposal if you’re looking to get a tattoo. No matter if you’re on your first tattoo or your fourteenth, tattoo aftercare is absolutely vital for long term quality.

Make sure to do your research before purchasing any tattoo aftercare products, of course. Read up on reviews, and check to see what people have said about the tattoo aftercare products you’re about to purchase. Are they a trustworthy brand? Are their products organic or vegan? Of course, using Ink-eeze products you will never have to worry about any of these questions ☺ We are tattoo experts, and built these products as tattoo enthusiasts, for tattoo enthusiasts.

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