Getting Tattoos Over Stretch Marks | Ultimate Guide

Getting Tattoos Over Stretch Marks | Ultimate Guide

Getting Tattoos Over Stretch Marks

Most people decide to get tattoos over stretch marks or scars because they want to conceal or hide them. If you have stretch marks or scars on your body, first of all, it's completely normal; MANY people have stretch marks and scars, so know you are perfect as is! However, if you're considering getting a tattoo over your stretch marks or scars, there are several essential considerations that you must know! We'll discuss them below.

Is it Possible To Get a Tattoo Over Your Stretch Marks?

It depends on the size, shape, and condition of the stretch marks. Are the stretch marks fully healed or brand new? If the stretch marks are brand new, the skin will be more sensitive, and it's a good idea to let the stretch marks set in before getting a tattoo over them. Collaborate with your tattoo artist on the design. Most tattoos over stretch marks follow the lines of stretch marks, not against them. The tattoo artist should use proper texture, depth, and color, to compliment your stretch marks in the best way possible. In any case of getting a tattoo, you should always follow proper tattoo aftercare.

Should You Wait For The Stretch Marks To Be Fully Healed?

If the stretch marks are new and fresh, getting a tattoo over this area is not recommended. Keep in mind, you are dealing with your skin, and these stretch marks will be difficult to work with as your body is still working hard to repair it. If you end up getting a tattoo over these relatively new stretch marks, then this area may become something you regret in the future. If you are in a hurry to cover up the stretch marks with a tattoo, you should at least wait till the period when the stretch marks start to turn from purple/red to a more normal skin tone. PLEASE NOTE: This is not medical advice, just friendly advice! We want you to be happy with any artwork you get on your body for years to come. Please read our tattoo aftercare guide, and be sure to check out our tattoo blog, which has beneficial information about tattoo maintenance!

Are The Stretch Marks Elevated on Your Skin?

If your stretch marks are raised on the skin, this means they still need more time to settle in with your body.

Will More Stretch Marks Appear After Getting a Tattoo?

Again, this is not medical advice, but if you got a tattoo on or around stretch marks, it is always possible that more stretch marks can appear gradually in this area. It is also possible that a tattoo on stretch marks can even damage the stretch marks, especially if the stretch marks are fresh.

Can Tattoos Make Big Stretch Marks Look Better?

The whole purpose of getting a tattoo over stretch marks is to either conceal the marks or make the appearance nice with a beautiful design. So yes! Tattoos can make stretch marks look good and unnoticeable. One of the most important considerations when getting a tattoo over stretch marks is making sure you speak with your tattoo artist. It's a good idea to make sure the artist has some experience dealing with tattoos over stretch marks. It's the tattoo artist's role and responsibility to get the job done in the best way possible, and them having some experience in this area is a good idea.

How Big The Stretch Marks Are Matters:

If you have long and wide stretch marks, then this might be more difficult to cover up with a tattoo. So be sure to collaborate with an experienced tattoo artist, and plan. Come to the artist with a few different design ideas you like and ask their professional opinion.

Is Getting a Tattoo Over Stretch Marks Painful?

Getting a tattoo is usually a painful process with varying degrees of pain for different individuals, depending on the location of the tattoo. Damaged skin usually is painful and sensitive, so the process of getting ink over such stretch marks can be slightly more painful. The newer your stretch mark is, then the more painful the inking process potentially will be. With keeping the end result in mind, the pain will be an afterthought, and you should be very happy with getting a tattoo over your stretch marks.

What Are The Risks Associated With Getting a Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

Like standard tattooing procedures, there are potential risks and issues involving getting a tattoo over stretch marks. There are always some risks of infection associated with getting a tattoo in general. Having a tattoo over stretch marks is no different. Stretch marks are scar tissue, and this skin will hold ink differently from normal skin. It's a possibility that you may need more touch-ups on this area from your tattoo artist in the future. It's always advised you follow proper tattoo aftercare instructions and give your skin the love and attention it needs after getting a new tattoo!