How to Fix Your Over Moisturized Tattoo?

How to Fix Your Over Moisturized Tattoo?

Taking good care of your tattoo is very important if you want it to maintain longevity, strong color, and overall health. Once you’ve got yourself inked, taking the proper steps to keep your tattoo safe has now become part of your life, as this masterpiece is now an extension of yourself. Moisturizing your tattoo is an essential task, and your tattoo artist will give you some simple tips on how to effectively take care of the tattoo. Just like you would take care of any other open wound, taking care of your tattoo is equally important. If you don't take care of your tattoo, it could become too dry which can lead to itchiness, redness and scabs that will be very hard to remove. But, here's the catch….

Many people read “moisturize your tattoo” and often make the mistake of over moisturizing their tattoo. Yes! That's a very big (and common) mistake that you must avoid. You’re really only supposed to moisturize your tattoo every few hours (if) the tattoo is feeling dry flakey, or after you get it wet.

What is Over Moisturizing Your Tattoo?

When you are cleaning your tattoo or taking a shower, if the tattoo isn’t dried properly, it can cause the water to trap between the layer of the skin and the lotion you apply. This leads to gooey scabs and can ruin the beauty of your tattoo. This is sometimes also known as tattoo bubbling or simply over moisturizing your tattoo big time.

How To Fix an Over Moisturized Tattoo?

So if you’ve been over moisturizing a tattoo, here’s how to fix it!

Turn on a desk fan and bring the tattoo in its proximity. At the same time, pat the tattoo gently with a clean towel to dry it. We suggest that you wait about 15-20 minutes after a shower before you apply an ointment for tattoo aftercare. This gives the skin and the tattoo enough time to thoroughly dry. If the tattoo is already over moisturized, stop applying lotion. Make sure to dry the tattoo under the fan for 15-30 minutes and don't touch any scabs unless you absolutely need to.

It can take a lot of time to fix your tattoo if it’s already over moisturized, so again, it’s always recommended that you thoroughly dry the area carefully and only then apply a tattoo aftercare cream.


  • How to apply tattoo ointment? - Make sure the tattooed area is completely dry, then take small portions of the tattoo ointment and apply gently over the tattoo. Avoid taking a lot of it and rub it against the surface.
  • Is it important to apply tattoo cream? - Yes. A tattoo cream helps to boost the tattoo healing process and makes sure that the skin is properly moisturized. It helps the tattoo to breathe and heal in a proper manner.