What Happens If You Don't Put Ointment on Your New Tattoo?

What Happens If You Don't Put Ointment on Your New Tattoo?

If you’ve just got some new ink, congrats! Now it’s crucial to take care of it, which includes many weeks of tattoo aftercare. Taking proper care of your new tattoo is essential, or else it can turn into a disaster in the coming weeks. One of the ideal ways of helping the tattoo heal in the coming months is by using a good quality tattoo ointment.

Most tattoo artists will always suggest you to use high-quality tattoo aftercare cream every day to support the healing process. Learn everything you need to know with this Tattoo Aftercare guide!

What Happens If You Don't Use Tattoo Ointment?

There are many reasons why using the an industry leading tattoo ointment like Inke-eze is essential.

  • Itchiness - one of the major reasons why you should use a tattoo ointment is to prevent severe itchiness. When you refrain from using a tattoo cream, your skin becomes very dry and tight with every passing day. That can lead to itchiness and in some cases, redness as well. But, you cannot scratch or pick your tattoo because it will damage it. So, the best way to get relief from the itching is by using a recommended tattoo cream.
  • Tightness and Scabbing - dry skin can lead to very hard and tight scabs. If you see scabs are coming out of the tattoo, there's nothing to worry about. As the tattoo heals, scabs do come out as the dead cells are removed and new cells take their place. But, if the scabs are too hard and difficult to remove, then it is because your skin is far too dry. Using a tattoo ointment cream will make sure that your skin remains soft and tender. Thus, the scabs fall off easily without hassles.
  • Infection - last but not least, since your tattoo is an open wound, it is always prone to infection if you don't take proper care of it. Whenever you go out and do daily activities, your tattoo will come in contact with dirt, dust, sweat, and whatnot. All of these can harm the tattoo. That is why applying a tattoo cream will help you to keep it safe, moisturized, and boost the healing. It assists in keeping away any kind of infection that can potentially cause serious damage.


  • How long to use tattoo ointment after a new tattoo?

You can use a tattoo ointment for at least 2-3 weeks after getting a new tattoo. You must ensure that you apply tattoo cream for at least the initial weeks after getting a tattoo.

  • How much tattoo ointment to use?

Take a small bit of tattoo ointment and not too much of it when applying it. Taking the cream in small quantities will ensure that you do not over apply the cream over the tattoo.

  • What does tattoo ointment do?

A tattoo ointment helps to boost the healing process. They are made of ingredients which help to prevent infections and keeps it safe from different external pollutants. It also moisturizes the tattoo at all times.