Why Does My Tattoo Smell Like Cheese?

Why Does My Tattoo Smell Like Cheese?

Why does my tattoo smell like cheese?

Yes you read that right – There are many people doing Google searches on this topic, so we decided to write about it.

Most people who get a tattoo often go through some common experiences during the tattoo healing process. During the time a tattoo is healing while wet, there might be series of funky smells that come from the bandaged tattoo. Some people may experience a cheesy smell, or even vinegar “wet dog” sort of smell. The experience doesn’t always happen, but it’s weirdly common, and most of the time it’s nothing to worry about.

Why does my tattoo smell like vinegar?

There are many reasons for which a tattoo may smell like vinegar. Once you get a fresh tattoo, then you are supposed to keep the bandage for at least 24 hours. During this period, the tattoo is likely to weep bodily fluid, which is nothing but an effective combination of the excess ink that skin did not absorb along with lymph fluid, plasma, and blood. It is good to let the tattoo get soaked in such fluid. Lymph fluid and plasma keep the tattooed area moist and heals.

Cells in the plasma are to be viable for around 24 hours. If these cells start losing viability or dying, then it can cause a wound or tattooed area to smell unpleasant. Lymph fluid is known to be responsible for this foul smell. It may sometimes smell like vinegar or sometimes cheese or sometimes like other smells.

Why does my tattoo smell bad?

After taking off the bandage, if the tattoo smells terrible you should follow proper tattoo aftercare instructions otherwise, it could create an infection in the process.