How to Plan a Tattoo Sleeve | Size, Shape, and Location

How to Plan a Tattoo Sleeve | Size, Shape, and Location

How to Plan a Tattoo Sleeve? Things to Consider When Planning a Tattoo Sleeve

If you love tattoo sleeves and you're considering getting one for yourself, you should explore some crucial aspects before proceeding. Tattoo sleeves are truly unique and a pretty long-term commitment - you should first decide whether it will suit you or not. You have to be entirely sure about the color, size, shape, design, and placement of the tattoo sleeve. Below are some of the essential considerations that you need to know when planning a tattoo sleeve.

Pick The Best Tattoo Artist

Sleeve tattoos are known to be complicated and often more intricate than a regular tattoo. The tattoo artist is always an essential part of any tattoo, so make sure you should spend time researching the tattoo artist since you're opting for a tattoo sleeve. Look at their prior work; what type of sleeves have they previously created, and take your time to research artists in your area. If you're traveling to see a specific tattoo artist in an area outside your local city, know that tattoo sleeves are usually a multi-day process.

Get a Sleeve Design of Your Choice

In the case of tattoo sleeves, come prepared with designs you like. There are many different styles of tattoos out there, ranging from the classic, realistic style to cartoonish and even abstract pieces. Do some research to figure out what style will work best for the tattoo you desire. Feel free to collaborate with your talented tattoo artist, as they'll have some valuable feedback for you.

Plan The Sleeve Design

Several approaches are taken to plan a successful tattoo sleeve design when an artist begins a tattoo sleeve. For example, some tattoo artists begin with tattoos far apart and then bring them together with more intricate designs. This is an important part of where the expertise and skills of professional tattoo artists come into play. The time to complete a tattoo sleeve depends on its design and how intricate the different aspects are. Regardless of how long the tattoo sleeve takes to complete, you'll need to fully understand the proper Tattoo Aftercare, so the sleeve can live a long and vibrant life!

Decide on The Size and Placement of The Tattoo

A tattoo sleeve is available in 3 different sizes such as full, half, and quarter. After selecting the tattoo design for your sleeve, you need to now decide on the size and placement of the tattoo, as these two aspects are incredibly vital. The overall design you select will determine what region of the arm to start on first.

Incorporate innovative design ideas, but don't rush it!

A tattoo sleeve is all about creativity and innovation from a design perspective. If you are unsure about the overall tattoo design, collaborate with your tattoo artist to craft an innovative and creative piece. They are professionals and are usually stoked to help you dream up the masterpiece. You have the option to begin with smaller tattoos and then continue to add more over time. Some people plan a tattoo sleeve design over several years as they feel the need to add to their arm piece. So if you KNOW you want a tattoo sleeve, but are not 100% on the exact designs yet, don't rush yourself!

Embrace Colorful Tattoos

If you are eager to stand out with a unique tattoo sleeve, then you should not be afraid to include vibrant colors in the tattoo design. It's important to know what kind of color combinations will be most effective and suitable for your skin tone and personality. Different techniques could be used while incorporating various colors. The use of relevant colors is hugely significant to make a tattoo unique and distinct in the best way possible. Again, make sure to bring examples to share with your tattoo artist to eliminate any guessing.

Consider the cost

The cost of the tattoo sleeve probably won't be cheap, as tattoo sleeve designs take a long time and sometimes a lot of ink. Don't ever compromise the quality of a tattoo sleeve because of its price; get the tattoo you want! If it takes you a while to save up the money to complete your dream tattoo sleeve, then no problem! Costs of tattoos and tattoo sleeves will vary from artist to artist. Tattoo artists either charge by the piece, hourly, and some tattoo artists charge a day rate, which can also equate to an hourly rate. So how much will a tattoo sleeve cost? The answer ranges from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars to several thousand dollars! Make sure to have an open discussion about the cost of your tattoo sleeve with the artist beforehand. Most important of all, CONGRATULATIONS - your tattoo is going to be epic.

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