How To Wash A New Tattoo in The Shower | The Right Way

How To Wash A New Tattoo in The Shower | The Right Way

How to wash a new tattoo in the shower?

If you’ve recently got some new ink, congrats! If you want to keep it bright and vibrant for years to come, understanding the basic **tattoo aftercare instructions** is important! In addition to the basics, knowing how to properly wash your new tattoo in the shower, which soaps are safe for tattoos, and how much time you should wait before taking your first shower are all key components to helping a tattoo recover smoothly.

How long do I wait before taking a shower after getting a tattoo?

Before you decide to hop in the shower after getting a new tattoo, generally, it ‘s suggested to give a gap of at least 24 hours before applying water to the tattoo and some even prefer to hold off for more than 48 hours if necessary. Within that time, the tattooed skin will begin to create its barrier naturally. So, when you take a shower you shouldn't face any issues.

It's important to note that this blog post considering your artist used a traditional plastic wrap bandage after finishing the tattoo.  However in recent years, advanced tattoo dressings have come into the market that are fully waterproof so you can shower directly after getting tattooed and forget about having to wash it altogether. It's great to keep this technology in mind for your next piece, so for the sake of this blog we will explain the traditional way to wash a new tattoo in the shower.

Avoid using very hot water when taking a shower after getting a new tattoo

If you are taking your first shower after getting a new tattoo, you should avoid using hot water directly on the tattoo. When you use hot water in the very beginning, it will increase the size of your pores in the tattoo. So, there will be a greater chance of the tattoo color fading. So, when taking a shower, use regular warm water. IMPORTANT: For the last 30 seconds of your shower, you should apply cold water to the tattoo. This will make the pores tight, which will be better for your new tattoo.

What soap you can use on a new tattoo, and how to apply soap to a new tattoo

The Tattoo soap you select to wash your new tattoo with is very important. You should use an all-natural mild tattoo soap to clean the debris and blood that has dried up on the new tattoo. Make sure your fingers are clean, then gently rub the soap on the tattoo. You should not use an old sponge because these can carry bacteria, which can cause an infection. When applying tattoo soap, lather the soap on your hand initially, and then apply the foamy soap onto the tattoo.

Rinsing the soap gently using water:

After gently rubbing the soap on the tattoo, use luke warm water to rinse the tattoos soap off. Gently use your fingers to make sure all of the soap comes off. Do not take long showers when having a brand new tattoo. When you take a shower, soap, water, and steam will be applied to the tattoo, which can be irritating and painful. You should try to avoid keeping the tattoo under the directly running water, and maintain this practice for around a week while the tattoo is in the healing process.

Use a soft towel to dab the tattoo dry after taking a shower

You should avoid rubbing the tattoo with a towel. Rather than that, you should dab it dry or better yet just let it air dry if possible. You may see a little bit of blood coming out from the tattoo, which is fine, just gently clean it. If you feel that your old towel may leave fibers on the skin and you don’t have a new towel, you can use the paper towel to dry the tattoo. You should obviously avoid using any dirty towel because it can spread bacteria. In-fact, it’s always good practice, and safe measure to buy a brand new towel specifically after getting a tattoo.

Wash your tattoos regularly:

To keep the hygiene of your tattoos in good shape, you need to wash the tattoo regularly. It’s recommended to use an all natural tattoo soap. Experts suggest to wash your tattoo at least two to three times a day. This will assist in keeping your tattoo free from bacteria, and lessen the chance of infection.

Use a Tattoo Aftercare specific moisturizer cream:

You can choose an all-natural tattoo moisturizing cream and apply this gently to your tattoo daily. Make sure your hands are always clean before applying the cream with your fingers. Trusted Tattoo ointments are also very common and a necessary part of proper tattoo aftercare. After a few weeks, you can also start using regular lotions. The Inkeeze Tattoo moisturizer cream will keep the tattoo spot moist and soft. Inkeeze offers industry leading **tattoo aftercare cream** available in our online store.

Regularly moisturize your tattoo:

Okay, you understand it’s important to clean your tattoo and use tattoo ointments, but I’m sure you’re wondering the question, "how often to moisturize my new tattoo?” The size of the tattoo is going to be a deciding factor in this case. If the tattoo area is significant, it is better to use the moisturizer cream a three to four times per day as the area becomes dry. However, if it is small in size, you can apply it once or twice per day. The moisturizer cream will help to keep the tattoo spot moisturized which is an important part of the healing process.

When you use tattoo ointment, it can also increase the speed of the tattoo's recovery. Tattoo Ointments can help get rid of redness and itchiness. It will also help you to potentially avoid tattoo infections.

Use sunscreen while going out:

After a shower, if you are going somewhere, and your tattoo will be exposed to the sun, its best to use a tattoo sunscreen. There are different topical products, foams, gels, sprays, and lotions available in the Inkeeze online store. These tattoo sunscreens will help you to save the tattoo from sunburn, and getting dried out. It will also protect your new ink from the ill effects of UV rays. You will also find vegan options available in the Inkeeze tattoo sunscreen online store. By using sunscreen, the tattoo will remain moisturized for a more extended period.

We hope this article on how to wash a new tattoo in the shower, and live your day after a shower has helped! Inkeeze is passionate about tattoo aftercare, reach out to us if you have any questions!