Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions | Tattoo Care Day by Day

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What is Tattoo Maintenance? | Day by Day Tattoo Maintenance

What is Tattoo Maintenance? Finally, you've got the tattoo of your dreams. The design you've had engraved in your mind forever has now materialized. However, the tattoo process is not over just yet! Learning the proper tattoo aftercare and tattoo maintenance can keep your tattoo vibrant for years to come! Do Tattoos...

Can a Tattoo Smudge? What is Tattoo Blowout?

You are excited that you just got a new tattoo a few days ago, but you have noticed something's wrong: the ink has gone outside the lines of your tattoo, making it look unattractive and a bit annoying. If you are not familiar with tattoos yet, you might panic, wondering what's going on. It may look like your tattoo ink is bleeding outward from the image itself, resulting in a smudged appearance of the ink. Here is a quick guide about tattoo blowouts or smudging of tattoos and tips on how to fix or prevent such from happening.