What is Tattoo Maintenance? | Day by Day Tattoo Maintenance

What is Tattoo Maintenance? | Day by Day Tattoo Maintenance

What is Tattoo Maintenance?

Finally, you've got the tattoo of your dreams. The design you've had engraved in your mind forever has now materialized. However, the tattoo process is not over just yet! Learning the proper tattoo aftercare and tattoo maintenance can keep your tattoo vibrant for years to come!

Do Tattoos Need Maintenance?

Yes, indeed, tattoos do need maintenance! After getting a new tattoo, tattoos require care and maintenance to recover correctly and so they can stay as beautiful as they should.

Is It Time To Touch Up My Tattoo?

Although tattoos are permanent, they still require maintenance. Several variables, such as sun exposure or consistent water exposure for many years, can contribute to your ink starting to fade, so it is vital to be aware of them. Tattoo touch-ups are required for a number of reasons. The most common culprit that leads to needing tattoo touch-ups is spending too much time in the sun without a proper tattoo sunscreen, which can result in fading tattoos. Also, **learn **what happens if you put fake tan on a new tattoo. On other occasions, for example, there is an excessive amount of time spent submerged in water. After getting tattooed, many people find it tempting to pick at their scabs. This may cause the ink to get smeared, necessitating a touch-up soon after. Tattoo bubbling is also common, but be sure not to pick at the bubbles either! In a nutshell, anything that pulls ink particles away from your skin might call for a tattoo touch-up, after the skin fully recovers.

When Should You Get a Touch-up?

There are a lot of things to consider before getting your tattoo touch-ups, such as the size, design, and healing time of the tattoo. There is no particular time to get your tattoo touched up. However, it would be best if you waited until your skin had fully healed before having touch-ups. If you are unsure whether or not you should have touch-ups, a tattoo artist will let you know when and where your tattoo needs to be improved.

Who Usually Needs Tattoo Touch-Ups?

A lot of people who have tattoos eventually get a touch-up. The skin's natural healing process might cause flaws in the tattoo that can only be corrected with a little more ink work. If you find any flaws in your tattoo after it has healed, make an appointment with your tattoo artist to discuss it. Some tattoo artists provide free touch-ups but don't expect free touch-ups as it's using ink and the tattoo artist's time. It's best to always pay for services rendered and support your local tattoo artist!

Tattoos Last a Lifetime... But They Do Not Last Forever.

Unless you opt to remove your tattoo, it will stay in your skin as long as you live. Though the appearance and the way it first looks will not stay the same as your tattoo gains some life miles. Anyone who has a tattoo wants to make sure their ink stays vibrant for as long as possible! Give your tattoo love, and take care of it!

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Listen to your tattoo artist:

When it comes to tattoo aftercare, professional tattoo shops have different recommendations. In the hours and days following your tattoo, there are certain crucial guidelines to follow. A man from Texas went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico just five days after receiving a new tattoo. Unfortunately, vibrio vulnificus, a bacteria that is frequently seen in coastal ocean water, invaded his open wound that is still in the healing process because of tattoos and caused his death. Some guidelines need to be followed when you get your tattoo. When in doubt, ask and follow professional advice.

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Be Patient Until Your Tattoo Heals. Avoid Sun and Dirt.

Wait for your tattoos to heal. Wear protective sun clothing, or reduce sun exposure. If you experience signs or symptoms of infection, call your tattoo artist or your trusted doctor.

Stay away from the sun.

It is highly recommended to reduce sun exposure, as the sun can fade the tattoo pigment. Wearing a good tattoo sunscreen is highly recommended.

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Do not scratch or rub your tattoo.

Avoid scratching or rubbing your skin while your tattoo is healing. If you see any peeling or scabbing on your skin, do not scratch at it since this might remove the ink or cause it to fade. The tattoo may scab or peel as it heals. Picking at it may erase the ink in that region, resulting in patches fading or disappearing entirely. If it itches, do not scratch it; Remember that scratching or rubbing can **also **be in the form of applying any exfoliants.

Here at INK-EEZE, we develop a wide range of tattoo aftercare products that are all proven safe and effective with consistent collaboration with tattoo experts, collectors, skincare professionals, and customer feedback. We constantly strive to produce products that help our customers in their tattoo journey. We hope you enjoyed this article and keep getting inked