What To Do When My New Tattoo is Peeling

What To Do When My New Tattoo is Peeling

How Long Will My New Tattoo Peel?

When you get your first tattoo inked, it's always an uneasy feeling during the tattoo peeling phase. It can feel alarming to see the colorful and large flakes from the new tattoos peel off. It's very common to believe that you're losing the color of the new tattoo, but don't worry; tattoo peeling is a very normal part of the tattoo recovery process. However, if you notice that the peeling is happening excessively, providing the tattoo with the necessary protection will be important. Be sure to read our **Tattoo Aftercare** guide for all the tips.

What is Tattoo Peeling? Is Tattoo Peeling Normal?

You can consider tattoo peeling as the epidermis layer related to your skin, having Exfoliation at an extreme level. Exfoliation is something that happens daily with your skin; it's a very natural process. When you get a new tattoo, skin flakes will be much larger than the size of the regular Exfoliation, and it also contains the ink of the tattoo. Your tattoo artist most likely uses very high-quality color ink, which gets embedded deep into your skin. This is why even after the skin peels off, there is very little chance that your tattoo will fade.

When The Tattoo Peeling Starts:

After you get your new tattoo, you'll see the tattoo peeling begin after four to five days. This timeframe will vary from person to person. Some people may experience this tattoo peeling within two days. The tattoo peeling period should typically last for less than a week. The amount of peeling will depend on the size, saturation, color, and how roughly the needles have penetrated your skin. Providing your skin with the necessary moisturizer and **tattoo aftercare** can assist with a shorter tattoo peeling phase.

Tattoo Aftercare For a Peeling Tattoo

When dealing with **tattoo aftercare** for a peeling tattoo, make sure you have the correct knowledge of general Tattoo Aftercare****,** **and listen to the advice from your tattoo artist. They will give you in-depth advice about the best aftercare for your tattoos and should talk to you about the different phases of tattoo peeling. It's a good idea to understand **How often should I moisturize my tattoo**, as keeping a tattoo moisturized will help in the recovery process.

How To Wash a Peeling Tattoo

You can definitely wash your tattoo while its peeling. It's very important to keep a new tattoo clean, using the proper tattoo soap is equally important. Using the right tattoo soap can help reduce redness, swelling, and irritation during and after the tattoo peeling phase.

My Tattoo is Peeling and The Ink is Coming off

It can make you feel extremely uneasy to see large flakes of your new tattoo come off during the tattoo peeling phase. It's normal for the ink to be in these flakes, so don't worry! Your entire tattoo is not going to peel off due to these flakes.

What NOT To Do With a Peeling Tattoo

When your tattoo is peeling, there are certain things that you should not do.

  1. You should not pull or pick your flakes. If the skin is removed prematurely, it can reopen the wound, and the chance of bleeding will increase.

  2. You should not rub, scratch, or itch your peeling tattoo because it can transfer the bacteria of your nails to the open wound. As a result, the chances of getting an infection will increase.

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  1. Don't expose the new tattoo directly to the sun. When you are going out, you should not expose your newly made tattoo directly to the sunlight because it can eventually cause sunburn, and because of the same, the skin peels off will also increase. After the tattoo is fully healed, keep it vibrant when in the sun by using a vetted **Tattoo Sunscreen** to keep your skin safe from the effect of the UV rays of the sun.

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So, when your new tattoo begins to peel, know that it's a normal part of the recovery process, and don't worry!