How to Sleep With a New Tattoo - Tips for Sleeping With a New Tattoo

How to Sleep With a New Tattoo - Tips for Sleeping With a New Tattoo

Depending on the size and location of your new tattoo, sleeping with a new tattoo can sometimes be a headache, especially if you typically have restless nights with a habit of tossing and turning. In this article, we'll provide you with some key tips and best practices regarding how to sleep with a new tattoo!


First and foremost, new technology in tattoo aftercare products has made sleeping and caring for a new tattoo much easier and user friendly than traditional plastic wrap and tape. With Inkeeze Ink Guard Spray and Ink Guard Film, you can literally have your artist apply the product right after finishing the tattoo and forget about caring the new tattoo for 4-7 days while the product helps to bio hack the body into healing the tattoo and skipping the hassle entirely! Be sure to consult with your artist before your session to explore these options as they MUST be applied by your artist.

When you are sleeping with a new tattoo, there are a few things you should know in specific if your artist opted to use a regular plastic wrap and tape:

  • Be sure to wash your tattoo thoroughly in the shower before going to bed
  • Apply a healthy tattoo aftercare regime to properly moisturize the tattoo
  • Make sure to use a new or clean bed sheet or lay down a towel
  • Try not to add pressure on the new tattoo
  • Choose the correct sleeping position
  • Avoid getting the tattoo 'stuck' on your bed sheet from sleeping on the new tattoo
  • Don't sleep with pets
  • Make sure to get ample rest

Always use new technology available on a new tattoo:

Many tattoo artists will suggest wrapping up the tattoo when sleeping with a new tattoo for the first few days. As tattoo Artists & Enthusiasts at Inkeeze, we take pride in creating the best tattoo products for our community. So if you have a brand new tattoo, make sure you buy/research these products beforehand, and bring them with you to the new tattoo appointment as they are game changers in tattoo aftercare. Either use our Ink Guard Tattoo Film if you have a large tattoo with a lot of color, or our Ink Guard Spray on Bandage is the best experience if you just got a smaller tattoo or any size black & grey tattoo. Using the Ink Guard Tattoo Film or spray-on bandage is a much better experience for your brand new tattoo, way better than a generic wrap. The Ink Guard Spray on Bandage is a spray-on adhesive that naturally falls off, lets the tattoo breathe, and keeps out dirt and germs. Wrapping your tattoo with these revolutionary products before sleep also limits the risk of accidentally getting ripped and prevents you from picking any newly formed tattoo scabs (that can itch) throughout the night. Again, Please be sure to consult with your artist about this bandage products before your session to explore these options as they MUST be applied by your artist directly after the tattoo session and in a santitary practice.

When you keep your tattoo wrapped up in normal plastic wrap, it is generally kept safe from any external bacteria but does not let the tattoo breath and heal properly, so please be cautious and attentive if your artist has wrapped with tape and regular plastic film

TIPS - Use Clean sheets on the bed and/or Lay Down a Towel:

**Do I need New Sheets on My Bed When Sleeping with a New Tattoo? **

It's important to understand that you should always use a clean bed sheet when sleeping with a new tattoo. If you use a dirty and old sheet, the chances of bacteria finding its way into the new tattoo will increase, although the **Ink Guard Tattoo Film** and Ink Guard Spray on Bandage should help to prevent this! Even with a clean bed sheet, it's very common to lay down a towel to sleep on because the plasma from tattoos can naturally ooze out during the night. It's not wise to use an expensive bed sheet for the first few nights after getting a new tattoo because you could get it stained from the excess ink or blood from the skin.

Choose The Correct Position For Sleeping With a New Tattoo:

We often get the very common questions of "How do I sleep with a new tattoo?" or "Do I sleep on my side with a new tattoo?" or "What position do I sleep in with a new tattoo?" Well, for the first four days of sleeping with a new tattoo, it is advisable not to sleep directly on the tattoo, if possible. When sleeping with a new tattoo, your goal is not to add any extra pressure on the freshly tattooed skin. Keeping the tattooed area elevated is a good idea but not necessary. Keeping the tattoo level and elevated can assist in the recovery process. It can also decrease the chances of swelling on the tattoo. Many people use sleep wedges or pillows when elevating their tattoos at night for sleep.

What To Do If The Tattoo Gets Stuck When Sleeping?

If you find a situation in the morning when you wake up from sleep and your tattoo got stuck to the bed sheet or towel while sleeping, there is no need to panic. DON'T aggressively rip the fabric off, as this could pull the ink off the skin. Slowly take the fabric attached to your new tattoo off little by little. Think of this as taking off a band-aid slowly.

Don't Sleep With Pets:

For the first few nights of sleeping with a new tattoo, we hate to say it but don't sleep with your dog, cat, or pets. Your pet may lick the tattooed skin or area of a new tattoo, and this can cause bacteria. When bacteria grow on a fresh tattoo, it can cause an infection and hurt the natural progression of the tattoo recovery process. So, as terrible as it may seem to sleep without your pet for a few nights, it's highly advised!

Give Yourself a Good Amount of Rest:

Sleep is an essential part of recovery for any body part or illness, and it's no different with a brand new tattoo. Getting good rest after having a new tattoo inked lets the recovery process do its thing. When you wake up, be sure to keep the new tattoo in your first thoughts. Make sure you don't jolt up out of bed (the tattoo might have stuck to the sheet or towel). Just wake up with caution after sleeping with a new tattoo. Be sure you understand the rules of proper Tattoo Aftercare how often should I moisturize my tattoo. We hope this article helped you learn about sleeping with a new tattoo!