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How to Fix Your Over Moisturized Tattoo?

Taking good care of your tattoo is very important if you want it to maintain longevity, strong color, and overall health. Once you’ve got yourself inked, taking the proper steps to keep your tattoo safe has now become part of your life, as this masterpiece is now an extension of...

Why You Need To Use Tattoo Sunscreen

Recently, the availability of tattoo aftercare products has shot up. The market was once relatively niche, but nowadays, it seems like almost every brand is promoting an aftercare salve or tattoo sunscreen. If you’re looking for the best tattoo sunscreen on the market, though, you’ve landed at the right spot....

How To Fix A Bubbling Tattoo

Important things to know about fixing a bubbling tattoo Whether you’re on your first tattoo or your thirtieth, it’s important to bear in mind that the healing process is an essential part of the journey. Knowing how to care for a tattoo is vital if you want to make sure...

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